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Improve Your Game

The best way to improve your game is to work with our experienced staff. This private time allows our staff to analyze the pros and cons of each player’s talents.

We offer private lessons and group lessons, as well as team instruction. Contact us with any questions as to how we can help you. We offer instruction to all ages and positions. Pricing will vary based on player age and the instructor. We will match you with the appropriate instructor based on your needs.

Please contact us on what you are looking to improve on. Or contact instructor Directly! 

If you are and instructor interested in space or more lessons we would love to help! Contact us to get details


 Coach Jen








Bob Chorba (724-757-7144)

    • Offers group hitting instructions and youth catching lessons
    • Great with Baseball and Softball hitters!

Dan Keister


Max McDowell

9 Professional seasons with the Brewers, Yankees, Phillies, and Blue Jays!

Hitting and Catching

Only available in offseason months September-February

$80 hitting 45 minutes

$100 catching 1 hour 

Contact Max at 724-420-3991

Kade McClure