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Improve Your Game

The best way to improve your game is to work with our experienced staff. This private time allows our staff to analyze the pros and cons of each player’s talents.

We are passionate about keeping our prices affordable for every family and athlete. Come to the Baseball Academy expecting to work hard and get better with each lesson.

We offer private lessons and group lessons, as well as team instruction. Contact us with any questions as to how we can help you. We offer instruction to all ages and positions. Pricing will vary based on player age and the instructor. We will match you with the appropriate instructor based on your needs.

Please contact us on what you are looking to improve on.


SUMMER 2020 LESSONS with the pros!

Max McDowell (Brewers) catcher and Scott Effross (Cubs) pitchers are home for the summer due to COVID-19. This rare opportunity allows them to give summer lessons and help kids throughout their seasons! Take advantage of all they have to offer! Details are below!

Pitching lessons with Scott Effross (PDF)

They are also available for groups and teams!

Max McDowell: Hitting and Catching – 724-420-3991

Scott Effross: Pitching – 330-416-1233

Max McDowell

$30 1/2 hr
$60/hr for individual lessons
$80/hr for 2 players

Contact Max at 724-420-3991